Calmiderm cream

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Skin irritations / Redness / Stings

In summer and winter alike, the skin is continually being exposed to the elements. The heat, the cold,  stinging plants and biting insects… To protect the skin, Calmiderm combines the properties of 6 plants selected for their comforting, regenerative action and to relieve itching.

Calmiderm Cream calms most skin irritations, redness and grazes, small burns and the effects of heat and cold. Anti-venomous and dermo-protective, Calmiderm Cream also relieves itching from insect and plant stings.

The cream’s base is a hypoallergenic emulsion which hydrates and softens the skin. Neutral and moisturising, Calmiderm is therefore suitable for dry, irritated and atopic skin.

Mother tincture of Calendula officinalis: 4%
Mother tincture of chamomile: 4%
Stinging nettle: 2%
Essential oil of lavender: 0.4%
Tincture of benzoin: 0.1%
Menthol: 0.24%

Chamomile calms and soothes red, swollen skin.
Calendula has a protective, comforting and anti-venomous action.
Nettle calms itching and soothes burns.
Lavender helps to regenerate the skin and has calming properties.
The menthol has a refreshing effect and reduces itching.

Rub a small amount into the affected area as soon as possible.

Avoid the eye area.
Do not use on large wounds and serious burns.

From 2 years.

40g Tube

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